Welcome to Mundiplas: Simplifying Your Life:

We are a Colombian company, passionate and dedicated to making your life easier. We specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of plastic products, designed to meet the needs of wholesale markets.

From our heart in Colombia, we bring innovation and practicality to every corner of your home, school, play area, and garden. At Mundiplas, we are not just a brand, but a family that cares about simplifying your everyday life. We invite you to discover the diversity of our products, which are ready to make your life more comfortable and efficient. Thank you for visiting us and being part of the Mundiplas family!

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Discover the Mundiverde products and be part of the positive change for a better world!

Introducing Mundiverde, the fruit of our commitment to the environment! We have worked hard to integrate respect for nature into each of our processes.

The result? We transform the end of a product’s life cycle into a new opportunity. It’s like the magic of giving a second life to materials! In this way, we promote the circular economy and contribute significantly to environmental care.

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Discover our plastic product lines

We are a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of plastic products for wholesale markets.

Home Line

Our home product line includes storage, organization, and cleaning solutions that will help you keep your space tidy and clean.

School Line

Find products such as water bottles, lunch boxes, sandwich boxes, abacuses, and thermo straws, all designed with the utmost attention to detail to facilitate organization and comfort for students.


Playtime is essential for your children’s development. Our Mundiplay line offers fun and safe toys and games to keep children entertained and stimulated.


Taking care of your baby is a task we take very seriously. Our Mundibaby line is designed to make raising your baby more comfortable and safe.

Gardening Line

For gardening enthusiasts, we have planters of all sizes that will make taking care of your plants easier, and the best part, all from our Mundiverde line.

Take your brand to new heights with Mundimarca

At Mundimarca, we transform your ideas into customized plastic products that highlight and capture the essence of your brand. From the initial design to the final product, we guarantee precision, quality, and a true representation of your corporate identity. Let Mundimarca be the bridge between your vision and the recognition your brand deserves.

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Turn your idea into reality with Mundimaquila!

In the world of business, a brilliant idea is just the beginning. What really makes a difference is the ability to turn that vision into a tangible, high-quality product. At Mundimaquila, we understand this challenge. That’s why we offer comprehensive maquila solutions tailored to your specific needs.

fabrica de plasticos
fabrica de plasticos

Give your business a global dimension with us!

Discover the power of our export channel. At Mundiplas, we not only create high-quality plastic products, but we also connect you with international markets. Our extensive network and logistics experience ensure that your brand successfully crosses borders.