Corporate souvenirs to create brand recall


At Mundiplas, we have an exclusive channel designed specifically to create competitive value for businesses. Through our strategic alliances, we expand our portfolio, offering our clients a wider range of promotional options that drive their businesses..

We offer a wide catalog of promotional items for your company.

souvenirs corporativos personalizados

Corporate gifts are the best way to build customer loyalty

How to acquire our Corporate Souvenirs?

With the aim of enhancing our clients’ brand and meeting their needs, we have a creative, productive, and dedicated administrative department committed to providing promotional solutions through personalized products that create brand recall, such as souvenirs or corporate gifts.

Step 1

Visit our catalog and select the products of your interest. If you have a different idea, reach out to us via WhatsApp, and we’ll offer you a world of possibilities tailored to your needs.

Step 2

Tell us which product suits your brand, specifying quantities, the reference, and the color you need. 

Step 3

With the guidance of MundiCorporativo, we’ll help you choose the best technique to showcase your brand: Pad Printing, Adhesive, or Sublimation.

Step 4

Receive a quotation for our products, where we will provide you with the terms and conditions, payment method, and estimated delivery time.

Step 5

Captivate your audience and promote your company through the solutions we offer, creating brand recall and customer loyalty!

Why choose us to enhance your brand?

Value Proposition

Enhance your brand through functional and highly competitive products.


Personalized Service:

Exclusive channel for comprehensive consultations


Practical products customized to your brand.

Product Catalog:

Extensive portfolio of products in the Home, Children’s, and School lines.