Welcome to Mundiplas

Where we make your life easier!

Mundiplas is proud to be a leader in the plastic products industry, specializing in offering practical and accessible solutions that cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. Since our beginning in 2010, in Itaguí, Antioquia, we have been committed to creating products that are not only economical, but also functional and versatile.


To meet the needs of individuals and organizations through the design, production, and marketing of practical and functional plastic products for children, home, agriculture, and industry. This is achieved by using efficient and socially eco-sustainable production processes, grounded in an organizational culture focused on the well-being of people.


To become the fourth largest company in terms of market share in the national plastics sector for Home and Toys, as well as to internationalize our products in the Central and South American markets. This will be achieved through efficient processes and automation, based on our organizational commitment to service and circular economy.

What Makes Us Special?

We make life easier for our customers and collaborators. We love what we do, and that’s why we work hard to achieve organizational happiness, grounded in our ethical values that identify us as an organization. We are committed every day to being an innovative brand seeking strategic and enduring participation in both national and international markets, contributing to the growth and development of society.

Values of Mundiplas


We are understanding and value our collaborators, positively impacting their homes, social, and work relationships.


Our team embodies a sense of unity and camaraderie that allows us to work hand in hand and extend it to our customers through quality in production and management.

Environmental Culture

Environmental care is a commitment to social responsibility; for this, we allocate a portion of our production represented in specific products, made from high-quality recovered materials.

Social Inclusion

We believe in the integration of all individuals in society, which is why we employ single mothers who support our mission to manufacture products of excellent quality.